This Marvel Trailer Just Dropped


Cha Cha Chavez

So the first “The Marvels” trailer just dropped today 4/11/23. It pick up with nick fury on a space station that he called Monica Rambeau at the end of wandavision. The transition from Monica Rambeau to Kamala khan screaming in space was really great because I thought that was still mooch screaming. We have our first big continuity test here one, how does ms.marvel know who nick fury is because isn’t he supposed to be a super spy? also isn’t fury supposed to be dead to the public? Is this trailer some sort of spoiler for secret invasion…we’ll find out. So what the story seems to be so far from the trailer is they keep switching around every time they use their powers.


A little detail to take notice is in the beginning of the trailer when Monica and Fury go to Kamala house she’s already beat up a bad guy in her house. The bad guys we also saw fighting Monica in space come to fight Monica in Kamala’s house. I wonder how proficient Monica has become with her powers since the last time we saw her in wandavision. Also two things you NEED to pay attention to in this trailer, 1. The what seems like the main villain is holding Ronan’s hammer that we saw in the GOTG and 2. When she’s fighting the marvels, she’s actually using the bengal that gives Kamala her power. Also Carol and Monica got new suits and they look AWESOME!!