Album of the Week, vol. 1

Izaac Williams, Writer

March 24th, two amazing hip hop/rap artists JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown made one of the most unique and beautiful tapes I have ever heard. This album is titled “SCARING THE H**S.” In this album there are multiple gems such as Steppa Pig with in my opinion the best flow on the album, Orange Juice Jones with a beautiful Michael Jackson sample, Kingdom Hearts Key with redveil and also the one of the best three verse song I’ve heard, Jack Harlow Combo Meal with an insane break in the middle of the song where JPEG delivers a crazy beat switch, and Heaven on Earth with the most beautiful piano sample that somehow turns into a crazy and energetic song. But out of every track my personal favorite is Garbage Pale Kids.

This was very close and I honestly don’t even know if it is my favorite but the unique sample absolutely took me away. Produced by JPEGMAFIA the track starts with a Japanese restaurant commercial’s song and cuts into a Japanese video game commercial, these two samples alone immediately made me love this song but then the 808 hits and Danny Brown comes in, Brown drops a beautiful and aggressive verse that is definitely my favorite verse of the song. JPEGMAFIA then spits his verse and honestly it is just as great. this album is very explicit which I usually don’t like, but if you enjoy explicit music then you will love this album. This album is a very strong 9/10 and the album cover is also a mid 9/10, I have never heard this unique style and the more I listen the more I realize how well put together this album is, JPEG’s production is absolutely perfect and Danny Brown’s voice honestly may be the best and most unique Hip Hop voice right now. The only reason it is not a 10 is because the last song title “Where Ya Get Ya C**e From,” feels a bit like it should be in the middle of the album. In my opinion if this album ended with “Heaven on Earth” it would have been a 10/10 as this song felt like a perfect ending, but in the end I still love this ending and I can’t complain too much because it still is a great song.