made to fade tattoos

Ephemeral tattoo ink is designed to fade over time and not last. This ink breaks down over time, disappearing after 10 months to a year. Ephemeral ink is made from medical- grade polymers and dyes. Prices are the same cost as a permanent tattoo as well as the pain of getting one. As of now, Ephemeral ink is only available in black.

Disappearing Tattoos Set Off Existential Debate - The New York Times

There can be many reasons why one may want to try Ephemeral tattoos. Maybe you aren’t ready to fully commit to a permanent tattoo or you want to find your own style before getting anything permanent. Whatever the reason may be, ephemeral tattoos can be the answer. A con of Ephemeral tattoos are after months it can look blurred out and not much of a pretty look to some. Even so, people say they know what they’re getting into when getting them and don’t mind the after look.