Studio ghibli

Studio ghibli

Na'shayla P. sahagun, Writer

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio based in Koganei, Tokyo. The Animations that Studio Ghibli makes are some of my favorite movies to watch I’ve been collecting the DVDs from Targeted there pretty pricey. The Top 3 movies from studio ghibli that I recommended:

my neighbor Totoro,

Art of My Neighbor Totoro

The movie follows a schoolgirl, satsuma, and her younger sister, Mei, and their father. all of them move into to old country house while staying there they are waiting for their mother to recover from illness.  As moving into the house the sisters explore the new house, they encounter and befriend playful spirits that are around the house. But Mei finds a big furry creature in the woods near their house known as Totoro.


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Ponyo follows 5-year-old Sosuke that lives a quiet life on an oceanside cliff with his mother Lisa. Sosuke finds a goldfish trapped in a water bottle on the beach and upon recusing her, he names her Ponyo. She isn’t an ordinary goldfish, Ponyo is the daughter of a masterful wizard and sea goodness. after meeting Sosuke she falls in love with him wanting to turn into a human girl by using her father’s magic. (The magic she uses can cause an imbalance in the world.)

The secret world of Arreity,

🎥The Secret World of Arrietty [Video] | Anime films, Secret world of arrietty, Anime movies

The secret world of the Arrietty follows a boy named Sho who is waiting for his heart surgery at, a family estate with his aunt. Arietty her father, pom, and her mother, homily are tiny people who live under the floor of a big orn house in the suburbs. Their lives are in danger living near humans. They take things from the people to survive but they take small amounts of food or supplies. (if one person sees them they have to move somewhere else.)