St. Patrick’s Day 3D Paper Shamrocks Craft



  • 3D Paper Shamrock
  • Twine or Ribbon – I used green baker’s twine
  • Gold Coins – I used plastic coins found at Walmart, you can find them at most craft stores as well as the Dollar Store
  • Adhesive – I used Tape Runner for the Shamrocks and Glue Dots for the Coins, you could also use a hot glue gun


Step 1:

  • Cut strips of paper 3 1/2 x 12 inches

Note: If your cookie cutter is NOT 3 inches, then use this method to figure out what size to cut the paper

  • Width of the cutter x 4
  • Height of the cutter + 1/2 inch

Step 2: 

two styles of origami will be used when making these, known as the valley fold and the mountain fold.

  1. Begin by folding a Valley fold or folding the strip of paper in half with wrong sides together
  2. Next open it up and fold in each end, creating another Valley fold – the strip of paper should now half 4 sections
  3. Next are the Mountain folds – fold each of the 4 sections in half – you should now have 8 sections
  4. Be sure the strip of paper is folded like an accordion

Step 3:

  • Now trace the shamrock onto the folded paper. Be sure you have a fold to the left or the long edge of the cutter. I positioned mine right down the center.
  • Be sure to mark a spot close to the edge that will NOT be cut

Step 4:

  • Cut out the shamrock. Again, be sure NOT to cut where you marked close to the edge on the curve. This will keep the shamrocks together in a paper chain.

Step 5:

Secure the shamrocks together with adhesive, and you are done!

This craft is so easy and fun to make, as well as being a really cute decoration for this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.