Weirdest Superheroes of All Time!


Jordyn Rae, Writer

Superheroes have been with us for over 90 years and they have shaped the way we view the world- even today. These heroes have helped us for generations to expand our minds and creative thoughts through comics, books, movies, etc… But if you look past all of the popular, well-known, superheroes such as; Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc., you can find some obscure heroes that did not make it to the big screen and just… flopped. Here are some of the most weirdest superheroes of all time that no one has ever really acknowledged.

Big Bertha: This woman with her first appearance in West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #46, has the ability to transform her body, have superhuman strength, and superhuman durability. Her birth name was Ashley Crawford until it was legally changed to Bertha Crawford. She was created by John Byrne with the ability to completely control the distribution of adipose tissue (fat), therefore, giving her complete control over her body. To decrease her size, she must induce vomiting to expel the excess mass. Her weakness is the baseline stamina she obtains. While she retains the stamina of a well-conditioned athlete, she will begin to tire rapidly with her additional mass. Despite her name being a euphonious term for an unusually large example of a class object, it was the name of a heavy mortar-like howitzer (short gun) built and used by Germany in WWI.

Groot on top left

Groot: As adorable and precious little baby Groot is, it is safe to say that he is probably one of the weirdest ideas for a ‘superhero.’ Yet,in some of his first appearances, he was not as cute as the Groot was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby, with his first appearance in Tales to Astonish #13. He is seen with the character, Rocket, (created by Bill Mantlo and artist Keith Giffen) and had the power and ability to absorb wood as food, control trees and plants, resist fire, increase mass, and to regenerate.


Cosmo the Spacedog: This character (A Golden Retriever/Labrador mix), also apart of the Guardians of the Galaxy with his first appearance in Nova vol. 4 #8, was created by Dan Abnett and Andy lanning with the intention as a former test animal of the Soviet space program. He was launched into Earth’s orbit as part of an experiment, but he drifted off into space at some point during the 1960’s. He arrived in Knowhere (scientific observatory and interdimensional crossroads), and at some point being mutated by cosmic rays, he eventually came to serve as the station’s security chief. Beings from all over the universe come to Knowhere waiting for the end of the universe. Cosmo has psionic abilities, including high-level telepathy and telekinesis. He has shown to be capable of creating defensive shields strong enough to deflect energy blasts, as well as project mind blasts of tremendous force.

Lockjaw: This superhero, or massive furry friend I should say, is also a dog that has been mutated to obtain magical powers as well. Lockjaw is the loyal pet of the Royal Family of the Inhumans. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with the hefty physic of being 5’0ft tall, 6’8ft in length, and being over 1240lb. They gave him the incredible ability to teleport himself and one ton of additional mass. Lockjaw also possesses a sense of smell so keen that he can track or locate a scent across dimensional space. Since odors cannot physically travel across dimensions, this ability of Lockjaw’s appears to be at least in part an extrasensory (psionic) one, the precise nature of which is as yet unknown. His first appearance was in Fantastic Four #45 where he assists his family tracking down Black Bolt (the ruler of the Inhumans), who had been captured by the Skrulls (shape-shifting alien race that can impersonate any person or alien.) Using technology gained from their allies, the Kree (blue-skinned humanoid race of extraterrestrial beings), Lockjaw’s abilities are upgraded, allowing him to teleport much farther.