Skate spots On the Central Coast

Brandon Plastino

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Skateboarding on the central coast has always been pretty bright. With a lot of very talented skateboarders. Not to mention the plethora of local skate spots people have done stuff at. Here I’ll break down where the spot is located in the photo and the trick they are attempting. Keep in mind these are very experienced skaters so try at your own risk.

Photo: Paco Maldonado

Skater: Anthony Anaya

Location: Calpoly


Photo: Paco Maldonado

Skater: Gus Snijdewind

Location: Pinegrove Elementary


Photo: Paco Maldonado

Skater: Wesley Heggie

Location: Saint Joseph Highschool


Hopefully this encourages you to start skating or at least appreciate skaters more because it’s not easy. This stuff takes a lot of time and energy. Remember This stuff may look hard but you can achieve it if you put your mind to it.