Top 10 Thanksgiving Dishes


Kelsie Barba, Writer

Thanksgiving is a nationwide holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving marks the day of the 1621 harvest feast between the pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony and the Wampanoag Native Americans. Thanksgiving is the holiday of celebrating past blessings of the previous year and the new harvest. This holiday has been celebrated for many years and generations, forming many traditions. Thanksgiving involves various dishes and hours of preparation. The most popular known dish consumed on Thanksgiving is turkey. In fact, it almost feels mandatory to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. While turkey is a popular dish eaten on this holiday, there are also other well crafted dishes out there. Here are the top 10 Thanksgiving dishes:


  • 10.) Butternut Squash
  • A necessary and classic side dish, butternut squash is the ideal vegetable of Thanksgiving dinner. It is one of the most memorable Thanksgiving dishes and is included in most Thanksgiving feasts. Butternut squash really brings the Autumn mood to any Thanksgiving celebration.
  • 9.) Cranberries
  • Cranberries are a normal Thanksgiving dish and can be made into sauce (either from a store bought can or homemade). Whether you eat cranberry sauce or just plain cranberry, it is a great side dish to eat with vegetables and turkey. 
  • 8.) Brussel Sprouts
  • Brussel sprouts are rising in popularity as a Thanksgiving dish. It can be cooked in many ways, such as: creamed, braised, pan-fried, or roasted. Brussel sprouts go with just about any other dish and perfectly balance out your Thanksgiving meal.
  • 7.) Green Beans
  • Green beans are the perfect vegetable to eat with your Thanksgiving meal. It is mostly made into green bean casserole, but can also be eaten by itself with butter or cheese. If you’re going the healthy route, green beans are a good option for making your Thanksgiving meal healthier.
  • 6.) Sweet Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes are a sweet and healthy dish, perfect for those who want to stay healthy but still eat something sweet. Sweet potatoes carry fiber, B6, and Vitamin A, making this a healthy yet delicious dish…unless you top it off with marshmallows. Sweet potatoes are most commonly paired with marshmallows, but there are many ways to prepare sweet potatoes. You can use sweet  potatoes in a casserole or to make candied sweet potatoes.
  • 5.) Pumpkin Pie
  • Pumpkin pie is a MUST have dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. No Thanksgiving dinner can be complete without a dessert, and pumpkin pie is the most well known and classic dessert, suitable for occasions such as Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie also contributes to the Autumn mood and provides just the right amount of sweetness, and paired with some whipped cream, it will become a dessert that everyone will enjoy.
  • 4.) Bread Rolls
  • Bread rolls are a classic side dish which are suitable for everyone, especially picky eaters. Bread rolls are also a great dish because they come in various forms- biscuits, bagels, or just slices from a loaf. Either way, bread rolls can satisfy the cravings of everyone during Thanksgiving dinner.
  • 3.) Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy is a simple, yet popular dish eaten frequently not just during Thanksgiving, but also eaten on normal everyday occasions. It’s a quick and easy-to-make dish that perfectly complements Thanksgiving dinner.
  • 2.) Turkey Stuffing
  • Turkey stuffing is a delicious dish which can be eaten on its own or with turkey. There are many different ways to make stuffing as well as using diverse ingredients. Most commonly used ingredients in stuffing include celery, bread, onion, and different spices and herbs. Without turkey stuffing, Thanksgiving dinner would be plain.
  • 1.) Turkey
  • The number one Thanksgiving dish to top of the list- turkey. Turkey is the most known Thanksgiving dish as well as the main dish most eaten. Turkey is a classic Thanksgiving dish and can be cooked in many ways- fried, roasted, etc. With turkey being large enough to feed an entire family, it makes a great Thanksgiving dish. Thanksgiving dinner just can’t be complete without a fresh roasted turkey.