Review: Santa Maria Skatepark

The Santa Maria skatepark has been the home and learning ground for Central Coast skaters for years. The skatepark however

Image result for Flethcer skateparkcould be improved by the city. With Santa Maria having a population bigger than the surroundings Cities.

The first skatepark Santa Maria ever installed was a pretty decent skatepark . It had a ton of fun ramps including a spine ramp and 3 quarters. It also included a couple rails and a half pipe. The ramps were made out of skate lite( wood that has a fine finish)  and Metal. For the most part this skatepark was really fun and the only thing it was missing were some lights.

(Old Skatepark Picture on Top)

Fast Forward a couple years and it comes time to build a new skatepark. The City took the skaters idea’s and put in lights. Except the brightness of the lights were about as powerful as your smartphone flashlight. This is especially ironic considering the car dealership across the street has better lights. When the city went to build the skatepark all of the skaters wanted obstacles. Considering the skatepark prior was a prefab park. The city not only didn’t listen to the skaters, but put in a worse prefab park then what was already there.

(New Skatepark Picture on Bottom )

Something I want to add in is that when covid hit the city responded by dumping woodchips in the already crappy skatepark that they gave to us. Maybe they would have thought to put workers out there to monitor how many people went in and out. But instead the stripped the Santa Maria skate community of a place to skate for 4 months.

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Now I will be comparing other skateparks in surrounding cities which have a smaller population than us. I will also be comparing  our skatepark vs their skatepark In Upcoming articles. Just to see how lazy our city really is.