Rating Roland Faunte’s Music Album “Sewing Kit”

Here’s a list of songs from “Sewing Kit” and how I, an “uneducated music listener”, would rate the album,. First, I would like to mention that you can listen to them album on “Youtube”, Spotify, or buy it on Apple Music. His social media handles are @rolandfaunte on “Instagram and “Twitter”.

Sewing Kit by Roland Faunte on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

“Sewing Kit” Album Cover

“Hand Over Hand” – 5:55

“Happy Life” – 4:30

“Lake” – 4:57

“Levers” – 6:40

“Mud and Pollen” – 5:40

“How to Reappear” – 4:32

“Lilies” – 3:59

“End on a Hai” – 5:23

Above is the list of songs from “Sewing Kit” the album in order. After listening to the whole album in one sitting, I noticed that the songs went from slightly intense, in a good way, to more calm. My favorite songs from the album are “Happy life”, “Hand Over Hand”, and “End on a Hai”. I can tell that the artist, Roland Faunte , put his heart and soul into his and would recommend it to people who like music that is more on the chill side. I would also recommend reading the backstory after listening to the album because it helps give you a better understanding of the songs. The site that you can read the backstory on is rolandfaunte.com and then clicking on the tab “The Story of Sewing Kit”.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/rolandfaunte?s=20

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rolandfaunte/