Battle of The Shield Spirit Week


Maya Pettiford, Writer

Righetti and St. Joe’s have an ongoing rivalry stemmed from the fact that they are directly across the street from each other. Each time Righetti an St.Joe’s play one another they are playing for the shield, as of now the shield is currently in the possession of St. Joe’s. Next week, Friday the 29th, the Warriors will play the Knights at the St. Joe’s Football field. The Varsity game will start at 7pm. Expect lots of people so make sure to get there early. Leading up to the rivalry game it is a tradition to do a spirt week to get everyone excited. These are the spirit days for next week.  


Monday- Jersey Day  

Tuesday – Anything But a backpack 

Wednesday –  Classy vs. County

Thursday – St. Joe’s Jinx  

Friday – White Out