How Start Your Cosplay Journey


Since anime conventions are now opening back up, people are itching to show off their cosplays. But what if you’re new to the cosplay community? you might be asking yourself, ” where can I buy my cosplay?”. Well here are some helpful places and tips on where to buy your cosplay. But before we go on, let me inform you on what cosplay even is. Cosplay is short for ‘costume play’ where people known as ‘Cosplayers’ dress up as fictional characters. Originating from the Japanese term ‘ Kosupure’ (コスプレ), it was first coined in 1984 and crossed into the U.S.. Okay now lets get to know where you can get you cosplays.

After you have figured out who you are gonna cosplay as (this can be done by what your into at the time like books, movies, games, or TV shows and listing them down by your favorite character) start by creating a budget for yourself. This is because there are sites where they charge a lot of money for a costume, or you can make a costume from scratch and buy the fabric and materials for a prop (if your character has a prop).

Next is getting the costume. If you are not making a costume by scratch, you can buy costumes from:

[Props may be included or may have to be purchased or made separately]

When you have found your preferred online cosplay shop, or when you are close to done with your hand made costume, It’s now time to get a wig [Tip: you can use your natural hair if the character you are cosplaying has similar  looking hair to you]. You can buy your wigs from:

Now that you know some background and places on where to get your cosplays you can know start your cosplay journey!