SMJUHSD Increased COVID Testing Access

Calista Freeland, Writer/Editor

SMJUHSD has partnered with a new COVID-19 testing agency  named Pipeline Medical.Heal360/Inspire Diagnostics, which increases access to testing for students and staff.

This means that starting at the following dates and locations, staff from these companies will be sent to provide COVID-19 testing Monday-Friday unless noted otherwise:

SMHS:February 14th

PVHS: February 16th

ERHS: February 28th

DHS: February 22nd (Monday/Tuesday)

SSC-District Office: February 23rd (Wednesday-Friday)

Additionally, students also have access to testing in the Santa Maria Bonita School District at the following locations:

Liberty Elementary School (1300 W Sonya Ln, Santa Maria, CA 93458)

Fesler Junior High School (1100 E Fesler St, Santa Maria CA 93454)

Tommie Kunst Junior High School (930 Hidden Pines Way, Santa Maria CA 93458)

El Camino Junior School (219 W El Camino St)

Due to the new contract with this company, a new registration within the Heal360 system is required. To register, use this link.

You may register at the testing site, but it is quicker and easier to do so online prior to arrival.

Here are the flyers released by the SMJUHSD: