Euphoria Characters

Euphoria is a show based off kids that are in high school that go through the struggles of being in the modern age. Meaning that they are all surrounded by all types of people, Drugs, And violent acts. But there’s a purpose that all of the characters represent lets start with the main character

Rue Bennet: Rue is a person whos family was going great until their father died. Rues dad was on meds and this was about the time Rue was going through a lot so she wanted to forget everything. She thought the best thing was to take her fathers meds and that ended up being an addiction for her that she struggles with for the rest of the show.

Jules Vaughn: Jules is a transgender represent of the show. She has a life where her mom and dad spit up and the dad was able to keep Jules so they moved to a new town. She struggles with herself appeal and thinks that the only thing she had to offer is her body unfortunately.

Maddy Perales: Maddy is a strong person. So far we know that she babysits kids and that her Boyfriend Nate. Maddy can handle being by herself but her love for Nate takes over. Nate is not a good person. There’s always going to be a pity for Nate from Maddy

Nate Jacobs: Nate is the “villian” of euphoria. He is a master of manipulation, Getting his way, and independence. he is the son of the man who basically built the town. Nates big thin is that he likes to blackmail people but its ironic because later ij the show we realize that Nate is bisexual and he gets outside to the school

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