UFC 272 Review


David Beas, Writer

I enjoy watching UFC, but this was the first event I’ve actually sat and watched the entire headline fight. The last UFC event I was actually interested in was Colby’s 2nd title fight vs. Kamara Usman, which was UFC 268. Saturday night’s bout was a very anticipated matchup between Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal and it did not disappoint. Even after this fight it seemed like their was some unfinished business, and Jorge claimed he just had an off night. I don’t think that was the case. Colby simple was just better. He out wrestled him and dominated every round. Masvidal’s wrestling was flat and his main objective was not getting choked out by Covington. If Masvidal could’ve kept Covington from taking it to the ground I think he could’ve had a chance to win. Colby was swinging heavy and then immediately shooting in for a takedown and you can tell from the start that that was his plan to win and it worked well.

In the 1st round Covington dominated the round with his wrestling, but in the 2nd round Masvidal landed some good leg kicks to maybe even out the score cards. But round 3 is where Colby really ran away with it and after an easy 4th and 5th round win Covington was awarded a unanimous decision win over his former friend. After his win, Colby decided to call out Dustin Poirier. It was a bit odd since they are in different weight class, but nonetheless it sounds like an exciting fight that I’d be curious to see the outcome of.