Righetti Introduces New Senior Math Class for 2022-2023 School Year


Kelsie Barba, Writer

Next 2022-2023 school year, seniors will now have 2 options if they wish to continue taking math, Math Analysis and QRAT. QRAT (Quantitive Reasoning with Advanced Mathematical Topics) is a new class being offered to seniors starting next school year taught by Mr. Provost. Usually, most seniors would move on to Math Analysis, but they now have the option to take QRAT if so desired.

The QRAT class (Quantitive Reasoning w/ Advanced Mathematical Topics) is a college prep math class incorporating topics from Algebra 2. What makes this class different from any other math class at Righetti is how it works. This class is entirely based off of group work, meaning that this class involves real life math problems requiring you to solve it within a group. The great thing about this class is that there is no homework OR tests, only group work.

Mr. Ferrari states that this class is great for anyone who may not consider math as their “strongest” subject or if they are planning to major in something that does not heavily involve math. Math Analysis is meant for students who plan to major in a career that heavily involves math (STEM, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.), while QRAT is more casual. When looking at your transcript, colleges will consider Math Analysis more than QRAT, so if you’re planning on majoring in something STEM-related, this class may not be the best option for you. Other than that, teachers like Mr. Ferrari are encouraging seniors to take this class.

If you don’t necessarily enjoy group work, this class may not exactly be for you. If you can handle group work AND prefer not having any homework or taking tests, talk to your counselor or Mr. Provost in room 845! If interested, you can find the flyer for QRAT in almost any junior-level math class. This math class is designed to prepare seniors so that they can enter college-level math classes without any remediation. To be considered eligible for this class, pre-requisites include being of senior status and successfully passing Algebra 2 or Math Analysis with a C or better.

Over the course of the 2022-2023 school year, the QRAT course will cover 8 modules:

  1. Team Building and Problem Solving
  2. Linear functions
  3. Quadratic functions
  4. Exponential functions
  5. Systems of Equations/Inequalities
  6. Absolute Value and Piecewise Functions
  7. Financial math

According to Sacramento State, who also offers this course, QRAT is meant for students who…

  • Are not ready to take an AP level math/QR course
  • May have originally been placed into pre-Calculus
  • Want to improve their preparation to succeed in college-level mathematics
  • Would prefer to take a course that looks and feels different and gives them credit, rather than retaking a course for no additional credit
  • May not have planned to take a senior year math course

Students who have previously taken this class have stated that it’s an easy A, fun, and gives you a new perspective. One student who has previously taken the class states “In this class you really get to spend time focusing on your work with the help of your group and other groups in the class. Not having homework and not taking notes daily in class really lets you spend quality time better understanding your work”. Again, if you are planning on taking another math course your senior year, consider taking QRAT! It’s fairly easy, and you’ll have other people that you can rely on and help you. Contact Mr. Provost, who will be teaching this course, in room 854 or through email: [email protected].