Girls Varsity Golf

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Girls Varsity Golf

Mikayla Zarate, Writer

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August 27th, VS Santa Barbara (Lose)

Righetti 245, Santa Barbara 218

August 27th, VS Cabrillo (Win)

Righetti 245, Cabrillo 278

August 29th, VS Dos Peublos (Win)

Righetti 249, Dos Peublos 271

September 3rd, VS Santa Ynez (Lose)

Righetti 261, Santa Ynez 259

September 7th, VS Arroyo Grande (Lose)

Righetti 4, AG 10

September 10th, VS San Marcos (Won)

Righetti 245, San Marcos 280

September 17th, VS Paso Robles (Won)

Righetti 260, Paso 281

September 19th,VS Paso Robles (Won)

Righetti 238, Paso 269

September 24th, VS Atascadero (Won)

Righetti 259, Atascadero 264

September 26th, VS Atascadero (Lose)

Righetti 262, Atascadero 260

October 1st, VS San Luis Obispo (Won)

Righetti 236, SLO 244

October 5th, VS San Luis Obispo (Won)

Righetti 258, SLO 269

Octover 15th, VS Arroyo Grande (Lose) 

Righetti 253, AG 219