Girls Varsity Volleyball

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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Mickayla Pinon, Writer

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 August 7th, vs Morro Bay (Win)

Righetti 3, Morro Bay 1

August 20th, vs Santa Maria (Win)

Righetti 3, Santa Maria 0

August 23rd, vs Saint Joseph (Win)

Righetti 3, Saint Joseph 1

August 29th, vs Nipomo (win)

Righetti 3,Nipomo 0

September 3rd, vs Pioneer Valley (Win)

Righetti 3, Pioneer Valley 0

September 6th vs Saint Joseph (lost)

Righetti 1, Saint Joseph 2

September 6th vs Sierra Pacific (lost)

Righetti 1 , Sierra Pacific 2

September 6th vs Monache (Win)

Righetti 2, Monache 1

September 7th, vs Arroyo Grande(Lost)

Righetti 0, Arroyo Grande 3

September 7th vs Washington Union (Win)

Righetti 1, Washington Union 0

September 10th, Vs Atascadero(Win)

Righetti 3, Atascadero 1

September 12th vs Arroyo garnde (Lost)

Righetti 0, Arroyo Grande 3

September 17th, vs Paso Robles (Lost)

Righetti 0, Paso Robles 3

September 19th, vs Mission Prep(Win)

Righetti 3, Mission Prep 1

September 20th vs North (Win)

Righetti 2, North 0

September 20th vs Mira Monte (Win)

Righetti 2, Mira Monte 0

September 20th, vs Clovis(Lost)

Righetti 0, Clovis 2

September 21st vs Paso Robles(lost)

Righetti 0, Paso Robles 2

September 21st, vs Dos Pueblos(win)

Righetti 2, Dos Pueblos 0

Septembrer 21st vs Kingsburg(Win)

Righetti 2, Kingsburg 0

September 24th vs SLO (lost)

Righetti 0, SLO 3

September 27th VS Alta Loma (lost)

Righetti 0, Alta Loma 2

September 27th vs Arcadia(Win)

Righetti 2, Arcadia 0

September 27th, vs Venice(Win)

Righetti 2, Venice 0

September 28th, vs La Salle (Lost)

Righetti 0, La salle 2

September 28th vs Palisades (lost)

Righetti 0, palisades 2

September 28th, vs Cleveland (lost)

Righetti 0, Cleveland 2

September 28th, vs Newbury Park (lost)

Righetti 0, Newbury Park 1

October 1st, vs Templeton (Win)

Righetti 3, Temleton 1

October 3rd, vs Atascadero (Win)

Righetti 3, Atascadero 1

October 8th, vs AG(lost)

Righetti 1, AG 3

October 10th, vs Paso Robles (Win)

Righetti 3, Paso Robles 2

October 15th, vs Mission Prep (Win)

Righetti 3, Mission Prep 1

October 17th,  vs SLO (Lost)

Righetti 1, SLO 3

October 24th, vs Templeton (win)

Righetti 3, Templeton 1