9 reasons you should switch from coffee to matcha


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

Coffee causes anxiety. I have had my fair share of panic attacks, and drinking coffee only helped them happen. As a student it is hard to always get 8-10 hours of sleep and its stressful because some of us balance out jobs, clubs, and our own family problems. I know I would drink coffee to help me get through the day, but it’s exhausting being anxious all day!

Coffee isn’t as healthy as matcha. Matcha contains many antioxidants. Catechin is in matcha and this antioxidant has been linked to help you fight cancer and help you have more of a graceful aging.

Coffee also gives you coffee breath and no one is rockin’ with that. Matcha does not make your breath smell  certain way that would give anyone the ick.

Drinking matcha instead of coffee is also better for you skin.

you also cannot become addicted to matcha. Coffee withdrawal can be bad and can give you headaches when you withdraw but matcha doesn’t have that effect.

It also less acidic so it is a lot easier on your stomach.

It has the same effects as coffee and gives you energy for 4-6 hours without the consequences.

It’s also much prettier than coffee.

There are also so anyways to drink and eat matcha. I personally make myself an iced matcha with honey and oat milk and tastes much more refreshing than coffee. I have also made matcha cookies and they were delicious