why we should all look up to Elle Woods.


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

Elle Woods from the movie “legally blonde” was an icon. She is famously known for her pink outfits but I look up to her because she is everything I want to be. She was first a beautiful young woman in her sorority who was just having fun and being fashionable until her heart was broken by a man who so obviously did not deserve her because he thought she was too blonde to ever be anything. She cried for a couple days but then came up with the idea to go to Harvard law all by herself.

She got to Harvard with nothing but her smarts and a killer essay. She got over her ex and became best friends with on of his newer ex girlfriends. She found a good looking man who did nothing but support her. She helped her new friend get her dog back and get into a healthier relationship. She became a lawyer and brought down the man who touched her when she said no. She became a really good lawyer and did so fashionably. She went to school, made great friends, and got into a healthy relationship and has killer outfits. That’s the woman I want to become, I want to be as strong and smart as her because at the end of the movie she is happy and satisfied.  I feel as though everyone should shoot for what she became. She got her education and got a job in someone she loved but still challenged her. She got over her wack ex and got into a healthy when she was ready. She looked out for her friends and still had a healthy social life. She took care of her dog and herself which is great by itself. She never settled and I think that’s great. She went after what she wanted which is what made her so happy. Even though everyone in Harvard wore boring outfits she stood out in the best way possible with he top tier outfits. When I grow up I want to be just like her.