Film For Her by Orion Carloto: An Honest Review

Kae Lajorda, Writer

With both pen and camera lens, Orion Carloto captures the dreamlike beauty of memory.

Film for Her is a photo journal of people, places, and memories. Orion Carloto asks readers to reach into the past, find solace in the present, and make sense of the hazy future through images, poetry, prose, and a short tale in order to recall the forgotten. Film photography is more than simply visual pleasure; it is classic and romantic, making it the perfect accompaniment to Carloto’s words.

If I’m being absolutely honest, the main reason I decided to purchase this book was because of how realistic everyone seemed to find it to be. You already know that I won’t take something as good without having to read it first. I’m not joking. As soon as I finished reading the book, I stood there in silence as I attempted to take it all in. The best part was that all the images were genuine, and that each letter had an image of the original. It gave me the impression that I was a living, breathing character in the book.

It’s like reading someone’s journal and discovering who they really are; orion Carloto’s “film for her” is drenched with nostalgia. The book includes poetry, but it also includes other items that help define a person and preserve their memories, like photos, letters, and personal correspondence. If you’re not interested in her as a person, it might not be the best fit for you. It feels very personal to Carloto. But even if you don’t know who Carloto is, I believe you may learn something from her writing because, when we learn more about another person, we learn more about ourselves.

If you’re looking for a book to read, purchase a copy of Film For Her by Orion Carloto!

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