Spirit Day Theme Ideas ASB Should Consider


Savannah Vega, Writer

The spirit day themes have been on and off for me. I loved the bring anything but a backpack day, pajama day and DC vs Marvel day. But the other days have been a total miss for me. Space cowboy or alien seemed like too much of a challenge for students to do. ASB shouldn’t choose outfits that are too hard for students to come up with. For most of the outfits, it was a challenge for students to create out of stuff they had at home. I believe this made students less involved. Same for the dress up as a movie star and wear anything shiny. I love spirit weeks, but so far the themes haven’t really been “it” for me and for other students.

As I grew from freshmen to senior, I’ve noticed the older I’ve gotten the less students have been involved. It’s less fun when less people want to show their school spirit. I remember for one of the football games, the theme was “beach wear.” Beach wear is a good idea for a spirit day, but not for a football game. Football games are known to be cold at night, and wearing beach clothing at the same time doesn’t sound fun. Who would want to wear sandals, tank tops, sunglasses etc. at night?

Here are some of my spirit day recommendations:

Favorite Football Team Day– Wear anything with your favorite football team! Act as if your going to your favorite teams game.

Gender Swap Day– ┬áBe you, but opposite dressed if you like.

Duos Day– Be matching with your friends in any way.

Crazy Hat Day– People have the most random hats and you’ll never know why.

Onesie Day– Like pajama day, but cuter.

Character Day– Dress up as someone from your favorite show, cartoon, movie or anime.

Decades Day– Which year you want to be from? 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s all sound cool.

Beach Wear– The football game doesn’t count. We can redo this one on a hot day.

Classy Day– How fancy can you get?

Halloween Costume– Basically anything school appropriate, maybe scary even.