Reasons Why One Piece Is Worth Watching


Savannah Vega, Writer

“One Piece has too many episodes, I’d rather spend my time watching something else I can actually finish!” One Piece isn’t preventing you from watching a different anime, you can still watch whatever you want to finish on the side. Most people who watch anime make it a hobby so they can finish most popular shows they’ve been interested in. If you really want to make that your priority, you can’t skip one of the best.

It’s about a pirate who’s goal is to do the unbelievable and find the One Piece, which will make him king of the pirates. It’s a very dangerous and mysterious task, only one pirate known to man has ever accomplished. Multiple pirates try to reach this goal and fail. The main character Luffy creates a pirate crew, and as they grow their special abilities together they face multiple tasks and end up saving many people’s lives from situations they never knew they would face. Even though the crew has one goal, they help everyone in need that they meet on the way. So far, their crew has been the most successful pirates ever since the last man who has found the One Piece.

I’ve been watching One Piece to the point where I don’t mind that I’m not close to finishing it. I’m happy it’s not close to ending. Whenever I felt down, all I had to do was watch One Piece. Most of the time the characters do random stuff that I find silly which would cheer me up. One Piece is not predictable at all. This brings you more excitement and more intrigued to watch the next episode, since it always says “to be continued.” I used to hate on One Piece for the same reason, “there’s too many episodes.” Now, I know why there’s so many dedicated fans including me.

If you’re into silly, adventure, emotional, fighting and fantasy anime then this is perfect for you. If you’re wondering why I said One Piece is emotional, lets just say it’s because I actually cried on some episodes. Most of the characters backstories really hit me hard. Especially one of my favorite characters, Chopper. I forced one of my friends to just watch his backstory and even she cried from it. But if you want to actually start the series, don’t skip any parts. It’s better when you know the full story. One Piece is in my top three animes. Right next to JJBA and Death Note.