Too much phone time causes what…..

Too much phone time causes what.....

 In recent studies it shows that our cellphones that we use are giving out radiation when it’s under high heat. When your phone is exposed to heat it gives out little amounts of radiation which can cause cancer.

If something we use everyday to communicate with each other could harm us we need to know if it could potentially harm us. From the studies that are shown in the article really is eye opening because I am frequently on my phone and if has the potential to harm me, I need to be more careful. Researchers need to look into more because it could potentially harm us If money is the problem I am sure that they can get loans or donations because it is for an extremely good cause. They need to have an urge to make a difference especially if it has to do with our health and safety. They need to take the initiative to make money so we can get all of what we need to know about phones and radiation.