Zombies 3 out of this world


If you haven’t watched the first two movies, I suggest you watch them now! Zombies 3 picked up where the second one left off. The werewolves were accepted into Seabrook, but now the werewolves and zombies have to figure out how to get into college after an alien encounter where the college recruiter quits after witnessing the UFO come down. Addison is a human with white hair who doesn’t know where she belongs. She was accepted into Mountain College and she afraid that her boyfriend zombie Zed would not get accpeted and they would be split up and have to go different directions. Soon enough, she finds out she is half alien. The aliens help Zed and the other zombies get into Mountain college. First, the aliens have to take Addison back to find their new home planet. That is when they discover their new home planet is Seabrook. SHELBY