Which Christmas Tree Decorations Fit your Aesthetic?


Savannah Vega, Writer

Not everyone’s Christmas tree is the same, it’s fun to see everyone’s different aesthetics. There’s white or colorful lights, real or fake trees, winter theme or even beach themed decorations. Don’t forget all the different types of ornaments either. They can represent lots of things such as beauty, silliness and family memories.

Here are different types of aesthetics I’ve noticed:

Typical Christmas tree, white lights, bright star at the top with gold, silver and red ornaments. A tree that makes you get into the classy Christmas spirit. Basic and beautiful.

Beach themed tree, it’s ironic because this reminds you of summer even though you’re currently celebrating in the winter. Some people dislike this look, but I love it if you live in a small beach house. It represents the environment some people are used to, which tells you a bit more about the person.

Colorful lights and random ornaments. This feels more like a family tree to me. A tree which you can tell kids were allowed to decorate and I find that cute. Instead of giving the classy Christmas mood, it’s giving more of the comfy holiday spirit.

Character themed trees. Some families all love the same video games, movies, cartoons etc. This leads to a tree being decorated based on that. Decorations like these are also usually on small trees people leave in their room. I’ve known people who are obsessed with specific characters to the point where their whole house is covered in merchandise/ related objects. These trees are always fun to see because they’re uncommon. These trees are especially personal.

One color trees. Instead of a real tree or regular fake green tree, some people buy a bright colored fake tree. Then, they decorate it with ornaments that are the same color as the tree. I rarely see people with these types of decorations. But, there’s always that one person that’s obsessed with one color.