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Stranger things are one of the most popular shows to exist on Netflix, the first episode aired on July 15, 2016, The story takes place in a cursed town called Hawkins one of the kids in the town becomes a victim of the curse he becomes stuck in the opposite dimension called the upside down where everything is corrupt. will Byers was the first victim of, the monster that cursed the land of Hawkins, his mother Joyce Byers reports to the sheriff’s office that her son has been missing. she quickly finds out that, will connect with her threw lights. she becomes crazy in the eyes of the people in Hawkins and in the eyes of her oldest son Jonathan, who thinks she’s just drinking a lot. hopper starts to believe Joyce Byers because of the weird activities that go on in Hawkins national laboratory. The head of the national laboratory Dr. Samuel and Dr.martin, are the causes of the weird activity.

one of Dr. martins lab rats eleven, is very important to Dr. Martin because she’s connected to the upside down, she ran away from Dr. Martin because of the things he has done to her, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas, and finds her in the woods while trying to find will Byers they take her to mikes house because of the rain, she said she can feel will close Lucas doesn’t believe her but mike thinks she telling the truth. they start to believe what’s she saying. during all of this, Jonathan starts to believe his mother because he went out to find his brother and comes across Steve Harrington’s house–the person he doesn’t like– with 5 people in the back yard he starts to take pictures of Nancy wheeler and her friend Brad, cuts her finger trying to cut a beer can and asks to go to the bathroom during the time she’s in the bathroom nancy, steve and the other two friends jump in the pool awhile goes by and brad comes out of the bathroom and nancy tells her to go home without her but brad stays and wants for nancy while wanting she sits on the diving broad looking into the water and starts to see things in the water while, Jonathan is still taking pictures of brad over the pool one shot she’s there and the other shot she’s gone, he gets scared and leaves.

Eleven is the key to finding will Byers, mike aDustintin believes she can find will but not much of Lucas, during the search Dr. matin finds eleven–El for short–he wants her to come back to her father–calcimine papa–. she can’t go back because of the fear that he brings her. Eleven counties to say that she felts and hears will nearby she says he’s in the lake and there are cops around the whole lake they pull out a body, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas, she said it was will byers.

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