How Aggressive Can Rabbits Get?


Savannah Vega, Writer

Rabbits aren’t always small innocent creatures that run and hide. They can bite, kick and scratch to the point where blood is shed. Why does this happen? There’s multiple reasons why a rabbit might fight back violently, and here’s why:

What do rabbits fight over?

Territory- Rabbits are very territorial creatures, meaning they’re extremely strict about who’s allowed near their claimed area. If anyone goes in their area, rabbits can be quick to either hide or attack.

Food- If you have more than one rabbit, it can be a challenge to equally give each rabbit food. Rabbits fight over food any chance they get. If one of my rabbits has a whole fruit or vegetable, they end up running away with it. They do this because they know more rabbits will charge and bite them until the fruit/vegetable drops so it can get stolen.

Dangerous Situations- If a rabbit truly feels cornered by a predator, they’ll attack. There’s been multiple times where rabbits have attacked dogs and cats by charging then kicking them. Rabbits do this when they feel close to death.

Rabbit Bonding- It’s not easy for rabbits to get along with each other. Male rabbits fight with each other when they aren’t neutered. Even when they are neutered, they still can decide to fight each other. One of my male rabbits would always attack my other male rabbit to the point where he bit his nose off. With another rabbit, he bit half his lip off. Now he gives them kisses and grooms them, rabbits are complicated.

Anger/Annoyed- If you constantly try to push, carry, move and tease a rabbit, this will cause them to attack you. It depends on the rabbit that’ll make how much damage you’ll take. Might be a small bite, scratch or nudge. There’s been times where I’ve been bitten and skin has been torn, now I have rabbit bite scars. Same for the scratches they give me.

Please be careful and take care of rabbits, because they are defending themselves and will learn to bond together in the end. It takes patience, commitment and trust.