Underground Records, vol. 13

Izaac Williams, Writer

Do you miss when you find a new artist and immediately love their sound? A criminally underrated rapper or producer that should have way more following? Well here at Underground Records that’s what we’re here for. On today’s volume we have a song made by Sly Tendencies titled, “Deerskin.”


In this song we hear a young and up and coming rapper over an MF DOOM beat from one of his “Special Herbs,” beat mixtapes. This rapper explores many flows and throws many insane bars out from his bag. This rapper is a young Earl Sweatshirt, Earl is on of the most well known underground rappers who have emerged in the past couple years and in this song he is only 13-14 years old! Earl is now an even better rapper coming out with hit albums like, Some Rap songs, Doris, SICK!, and many many more. With only two minutes and twelve minutes on this song the young Earl shows why he is next, he spits like no others and makes every other 13-14 year old rapper look like nothing, I rate this song a solid 9/10 because of it’s great flow, unique wordplay, and great beat. That’s it for this episode of Underground Records, if you enjoyed stay tune for the next!