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If you are into rock, kiss is the music for you the rock band started in January 1973, Started in New York City. Their style of music/singing, Hard rock, heavy metal, shock rock, and glam metal. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were the co-founders of the band. Gene Simmons was the bass guitarist, Tommy Thayer, bruce kulick, Vinne Vincent, Ace Frehley, and Mark St. John were the lead guitarist, Peter Criss, Eric Singer, and Eric Carr were the drum kits and Derek Sheridan was the keyboardist.Kiss Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

They enter The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, after selling 100 million albums. All of their songs were made threw out the 70s-90s. Rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley was the primary songwriter in a kiss.

Kiss Is well known for their concerts for being wild, extreme, fun, and many other ways to describe them. KISS most played songs:

Rock and Roll All Nite, I was made for lovin’ you, shock me, wouldn’t you like to know Me? and Beth is the biggest hit, also it’s one of only two kiss singles. The following single The disco-flavored and “I was made for lovin’ you”.