Underrated Funky Songs


Savannah Vega, Writer

All these songs were once extremely popular, but overtime less people started listening to it. When people refer to knowing old school or funk, it’s common they bring up a song obviously everyone knows. Such as “Funky Town” or “Everything She Wants” Or “Mr. Telephone Man.” Here are some songs you rarely hear people talking about now.

All Night Thing– The beat has huge disco vibes. The lyrics are extremely simple, which creates people to easily sing along while dancing.

No Parking (On the Dance Floor)– This song usually played during dance parties to make sure everyone who’s on the dance floor to actually move and dance.

Let It Whip– Another song meant for dance parties.

Lovergirl– The lyrics to this song is complicated, but it fits so well.

Party All the Time– The vocals to this song is extremely satisfying to me. The music video to this song is dramatic which makes it fun.

Shame (12″Disco Mix)– The rhythm is more chill but still got people moving.

My Prerogative– Once you learn the main words to this song, it can be addicting to sing.

So Fine– The beat is steady and the singing is super smooth.