Dating in high school isn’t worth it


Micah Hall, contributor

If you ask any adult about problems they had in high school, I guarantee that one of the more popular answers would be dating. Dating in high school has been a problem for students for generations. For some people, dating came naturally and they don’t really have a problem with it. For others, dating can be a massive problem. Dating in high school can influence major parts of your life, but let me ask you this question: is it worth it?

Teenage affection can be a tricky subject. It can make you believe things that aren’t true. Maybe you think you’ve found the one, someone you wanna spend the rest of your life with, someone who makes time stop round you when you talk, someone who makes your heart flutter when you think about them. Nothing lasts forever. eventually all of those feelings will fade. It isn’t always your fault though. Sometimes some people just aren’t worth it. Save yourself the heartache and save the dating for the real world. Focus on yourself for now. Stay safe and be strong.