Disneyland is overrated


Lucy Del Pielago

As someone who has been to Disneyland several times I can say it is overrated. I have not gone to Disneyland since I was 11 and I remember just hating it. my feet were in pain, I was tired, people walk slow, so many strollers, crying babies, cost of food, parking, and just mainly a lot of walking and for the people who do not have the fast pass that lines can be up to like 2 hours. The rides are mid and the ones that are really good take up about a 4 hour wait in line. I remember not going the next day because my feet were in so much pain and everyone was just exhausted, also for all of these problems the price is still insane so to also get the fast pass is just kind of a rip off. Universal studios is a better deal and six flags or just pretty much any other amusement park.