debate team


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

Im honestly not sure if we have a debate team or even a class at Righetti but we should if we don’t and if we do, the school should bring more attention to it. I honesty just like arguing because I am my fathers daughter so a debate team would probably bring my spirit back up. I am not sure if many people would join though I also have never even started a club so who knows if I’ll even go through with this idea but its a nice thought. I don’t want this club to be lame where we are just gonna be debating against each other i want this club to go out to debates around California. Honestly I’ve had this thought/ passion since yesterday just because I participated in a debate for my English class and honestly it felt nice being well educated on a subject and arguing with other people in order to get them to see your view. I honestly am kind of sad this isn’t a class because I feel like this skill is something everyone needs. We will have to debate in almost every job and for people that want to become politicians this being a course would really help them. in order to make this a fun club I will need many people to be there so if you see posters about a debate team being held please stop by and see if its for you also it probably looks nice on a college application to say you were on a debate team.