ways to start your morning off right


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

I hate the morning because I know I’m just gonna get up and go to school when I would rather stay in bed nice and warm but I have found a way to get myself out of bed and at school without already dreading the day. I wake 10 minutes before I actually have to be up in order to just lay in bed and slowly wake myself up with anything but I usually just go on tik Tok. I personally like planing my outfits and putting on make up but I hate leaving my blanket so I just pay Pit bull in the morning, full blast.

I do this in order to wake up my siblings and everyone in the house in a good way. I found it to be the best way because none of them are complaining anymore. I think as log as you do something in the morning doesn’t take much energy and makes you happy in the morning it will be good. I will be honest I did not have a great morning today. I woke up and my baby brother just did not want to go to school today and made it everyones problem. he was just screaming and crying all morning but I got him to school and I honestly almost had a nervous break down but I just had to remind myself its just today. it helps to remember what your thankful for because we take so many things for granted. I know showers in the morning help a lot but I honestly take like an hour in the shower but I know how refreshing it is to start your day off clean and calm.

Coffee helps too sometimes but try to steer away because it can cause your anxiety to be worse, try maybe a matcha.