Club Day

Josiah Perez, Head Editor

Club Day is a great opportunity for every club to present themselves and earn some cash. On this day, all participating clubs gather to set up a stand for selling their dish. It is also a great time for anyone to purchase a yummy snack while supporting the clubs of our school. This semesters Club Day was held down by the 800 block where everyone came flooding in fast. Though the area got really crowded, most students we asked about Club Day said they really enjoyed it.

Lucas, givin ya the eye

Lucas Lowe, a freshman, described his time at Club Day as “pretty nice”. He told us the dish he enjoyed the most was the fruit cup, provided by the Film Club. On a scale of one to ten, Lucas rated his first Club Day a “solid eight” experience.

Jorge, with his heartwarming smile

Jorge Machuca, a sophomore, also said Club Day was “fun, enjoyable” and gave him “lots of choices to choose from”. His favorite dish was the tri-tip sandwich, which was given by the FFA club.¬†Overall, he rated his time there a seven out of ten, with consideration to the hot weather.