Poem of the Week


Josiah Perez, Head Editor

Upon request, the magazine will be posting a student poem by the Warrior Writer’s Club regularly.

The first poem for this series is by Monserrath Santos, a Righetti junior and President of the Warrior Writer’s Club. They wrote this poem in February 2020 for the Valentine’s Day theme in the WWC meeting.



By: Monserrath Santos

From a young tree I see you falling,

It must be fate, or just the birds calling.

You’re red as love, and I’m sad as blue,

Yet I feel the happiest when I’m with you.

You’re the cinder of my eye, your incandescent,

Fair, red skin, and not to mention

You’re sweet as pie.

But when that fair skin of yours,

When it bruises is the day that I’ll die!

Oh, my dear apple, I have a question,

And I must ask it.

Why did I see you in Becky’s basket??

Huh? Yep, you’ve been caught you can’t hide.

While I’ve been picking these dumb apples

Hour after hour, you’ve been hanging with

Her on the side. I didn’t like you anyways, you

Were always to sour. You best believe it, wherever

You get married ill burn down the chapel! But anyways,

Happy Valentines, my ugly, sour, mushy apple.